5 Important Reasons to Use a Retained Search Firm

Every business and management level must focus on recruiting great talent, but certain roles can be hard to fill. In these cases, it can be beneficial for a company to work with a Retained search firm. Here are some common scenarios that make it sensible to work with an executive recruiter.

Lost Time Equals Lost Opportunity

The resource-intensive nature of a high-profile executive search can keep businesses from growing optimally. Instead of working with employees and customers, or performing other daily tasks, business owners and managers must focus on the job search. Time is money, and to a business leader, both are extremely valuable.

No One In-House Can Take Over the Role

Leadership roles are tough to recruit for because there might not be a team member who can understand and appreciate the role. If the in-house candidate can’t grasp the position’s challenges, it makes it difficult to recruit talent and make sound decisions.

Limited Internal Resources

Some companies, especially small ones, may not have a talent advisor on staff; even if they do, they may not be up to the task. Corporate HR departments do much more than hire people—they handle benefits, compliance training, employee relations and other jobs that keep companies going. If the HR department is already working at capacity and the position has gone unfilled, a talent recruiter can help.

New and Rebuilt Roles

New positions are especially hard to find candidates for because there’s no reference point when determining the appropriate temperament and skills. This is equally true for positions in a rebuilding phase. A successful company in this situation can count on an executive recruiter’s experience.

External and Internal Confidentiality

When searches must be confidential, working with an executive search firm is a great solution. Because the firm calls on the company’s behalf, they can talk to potential candidates without disclosing the business’ identity in every case.

Hiring a search firm is a good idea for a variety of reasons. Internal teams recruit with a limited point of view, outdated methods and insufficient tools. The best search firms take a multi-faceted approach, and they view companies as both clients and talent pools.

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