Increase Security With Cybersecurity Awareness Programs

Small business may not be at risk as much as some larger companies, but they still need to consider cyber security as a serious issue. Small business owners need to make sure their data is safe. Even though security software can protect against threats, it’s only useful if team members know how to keep the system safe. Good security habits can make or break a cyber security solution. If team members don’t practice good habits, it puts the entire system at risk. To start with, cybersecurity awareness programs can teach good habits. There are a few basics that everyone should be aware of, though.

Network settings can be configured in a way that completely prevents attacks or leaves the entire network open to attack. If team members are having trouble connecting new equipment to the network, they might be tempted to lower the security settings to make the process easier. Changing these settings will leave the network open to attack and could put the entire company at risk.

Password management is a vital part of access control. Employees should be made to update their password frequently. Also, a minimum number of characters will help make passwords stronger. Including special characters and capital letters will make the passwords harder to crack. It wouldn’t hurt to use password management software either.

Data storage is very important to any company. Making sure files are backed up will help keep them safer since cloud storage is usually much more secure. If the system needs to be wiped, nothing will be lost. Any local files should be encrypted to make sure that even if an attack is successful, the data will be useless.

Training can help make a huge difference in good security habits. Training materials should be made available online or in physical form on-site. Free materials available online from a variety of sources, but it’s preferable that only approved materials are offered. Cyber security service providers should be able to offer plenty of materials and even offer training courses that help educate team members and enforce good security habits for the entire company.

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