Popular Finger Foods in Jakarta for Your Culinary Trip

A lot of people become more prone to stress due to the higher demand of perfection in their workplaces, especially in a big city like Jakarta. Prolonged stress can induce various health risks, such as depression, obesity, and even as severe as cardiovascular diseases. To avoid all of these problems, maintaining your mental health is important. One of the recommended ways to maintain your sanity is by having vacation. However, due to the needs of high productivity, you may only have weekends as your free day. Even so, limited time does not mean you cannot have fun. These days, having culinary trips become more popular to spend weekends and relieve some stress. In Jakarta, there are many places where you can visit for your culinary trip. In this article, we will give some suggestion about places, particularly eateries for popular finger foods in Jakarta.

You can read the explanation about five best finger foods in Jakarta on the list below:

  • Crepes: if you want to try different crepes rather than the common crepes you find at mall, going to Crepes Signature in Puri Indah Mall on lower ground basement is a good idea. This eatery has better and larger crepes to fill your empty tummy. The famous menus on this eatery are big nutella, red velvet, and black Oreo crepes.
  • Salad: Situated at lower ground on Senayan City, Salads Top provides many finger foods made from veggies. You can even create your own finger foods. It is not only providing healthy snacking, but also providing a place to release your creativity. Pick the dressing and toppings you like and make your own salad creation for your lovely tummy.
  • Grilled ice cream: want to try extraordinary finger foods in Jakarta? Go to HG Cake Bakery in the 3rd floor of Aeon Mall. This eatery provides grilled ice cream menus that will surely cool and chill you down on a hot weather. The most favorite menu is the green tea marshmallow ice cream.
  • Martabak: there are two different types of Martabak you can choose, the savory Martabak (a flatbread with eggs, springs onions, meat, and chicken stuffed inside) and the sweet one (fried dough with various delicious toppings, such as butter, sugar, peanuts, chocolate, and cheese). There is also a MartabakPizza; a modified sweet Martabak consists of 8 different pieces with 8 different tastes.
  • Pempek: it is originated from Palembang, North Sumatera. Basically, pempek is a fishcake from tapioca flour with mackerel inside. People usually eat it with a broth from rich sour, spicy, and sweet vinegar. However, some people who dislike sour taste eat it without adding the broth. You can buy this finger food on Pempek BMI.

The paragraphs above already give some closures about the famous finger foods in Jakarta. You can visit these places and enjoy the foods with your family, friends, or even yourself. Prepare your tummy and money to make sure you can enjoy all of these delicacies to the fullest.

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